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Pemi Youth Center, Plymouth, Contacts

“Hi everyone! My name is Melina Baker and I am the Executive Director of the Pemi Youth Center. I have been running this amazing organization since August of 2018 and I love every moment! I truly believe that everyone has something beautiful to bring to the table and we all have something to learn from each other. When I’m not at PYC, I like to run and hike with my pup and relax with a good Netflix show!”

Melina Baker
Executive Director

“Hello! My name is Ally Reardon and I am the Site Director here at the Plymouth Pemi Youth Center. I have worked at the Youth Center as a staff member since the fall of 2017 as a first year student at Plymouth State University. I finished my undergraduate in 3 and a half years majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in History. I became the Site Director right after finishing my degree. I love working at the Youth Center and I am excited to continue to help expand and support the program. When I’m not at PYC I love hanging out with friends & family and binging new shows on Netflix and Hulu.”

Allyson Reardon
Site Director 

Pemi Youth Center, Franklin, Contacts

Karl Steady 
Interim Board Chair


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