Program hours 2:30-5:30 Monday – Friday. The Pemi Youth Center empowerment program is offered at no cost to youth and families!


Academic Support:

Staff members assist youth participants with homework Monday-Friday from 2:30-4pm. Plymouth State University students engage local youth and creatively help them develop strategies to successfully complete their homework tasks.

College Application Process Support:

PYC CAPS (College Application Process Support) is a program designed to support and assist high school students with the college application process.

Community Service Opportunities:

PYC engages youth in a variety of community based service learning projects throughout the school year and summer months.

Creative Arts Workshops:

PYC offers art workshops in collaboration with the Plymouth State University Art Department and student Art Collaborative. Art students and local artists provide weekly opportunities at the center for youth to engage in creative art activities to foster self-expression.

Empowerment Groups:

The PYC empowerment groups, S.E.L.F. (Support, Empowerment, Love and Freedom) and B.A.T.T. (Boys Achieving Together Today) meet on a weekly basis and cover important topics such as: self-esteem, body image, healthy relationships, peer pressure, bullying, stressors, stress relievers, uniqueness, inner strength, achieving dreams and much more.

Life Skills Component:

PYC is focusing on developing important life skills among youth participants in the areas of cooking, finance, career development, and home management. The component engages youth in social and professional skills that prepares them for the future.


PYC staff members offer one-on-one mentoring opportunities for local youth.


The PYC nutrition component offers youth healthy snack and meal options during after school hours. 

Recreational Game and Activities:

PYC offers a variety of recreational opportunities both at the center and in collaboration with Plymouth State University.

STEM Activities:

PYC staff engage youth in a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities to cultivate creativity and ingenuity.