PYCF Programming

Hours of Operation:


Program hours are from 2:45 PM to 5:30 PM on Mondays and Fridays. We are open all year!


The Pemi Youth Center program is offered at no cost to youth and families!


Our amazing youth members deserve a high five!

Youth Participant Input:

We use the goals, dreams, and suggestions from our youth participants to shape our programming. Let us help you achieve your dreams!


We offer STEAM focused intellectual activities and opportunities. Also, our staff members are available to assist youth participants with homework and independent studies. We discuss and model strategies to successfully complete learning tasks.

College and Career Component:

We help our members explore and prepare for their desired careers and college pathways. Guest speakers from diverse job fields and colleges volunteer their time to provide students with interactive experiences to discover new career and college opportunities. We offer assistance with the college application process and writing college essays and scholarships. In the future, we plan to tour job sites and college campuses based on expressed student interest.            


We are learning new insights from White Mountain College for Pets.

Community Service Opportunities:

Are you looking for a fun way to help your community and earn service hours? We complete a variety of community service and interactive learning projects throughout the school year and summer months.


Creative Arts Workshops:


Do you like crafts, art, or creative writing?

If you answered yes, please join us for our creative arts workshops. We work with local artists and writers to provide weekly opportunities at the center for youth to engage in creativity and expression activities to foster enjoyment and self-expression.

Join us for tie-dye art!


Empowerment Activities and Workshops:

Our youth participants take part in a  range of interactive empowerment discussions, activities, and workshops provided by trained professionals.

Life Skills:

Youth participants get hands-on experience developing important life skills. We currently explore the areas of cooking, home care, finance, interpersonal development, and travel planning. Check out these awesome fashion and sewing projects from one of our members!


Youth participants learn more about nutrition from expert guest speakers and gain experience working in our gardens. After school, we enjoying making healthy snacks and simple meals together.


Recreational Game and Activities:

PYCF offers a variety of fitness and recreational opportunities from Wii Sports to outside adventure walks and races. Be a superhero and join us for our Hero Hustle next year! 


Fun Student Events!

We work with our student members to create special events, holiday moments, and fundraisers!                                PYCFSANTA

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